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I'm currently developing my 2023 online and touring schedule, so feel free to reach out. I'm always glad to hear from folks interested in having them join them in their environmental learning journey!







We had over 100 schools tuned in, for an estimate of over 3000 kids singing and moving along!! You can view the recording at the Take Me Outside website along with many other great videos including one with the wonderful and inspiring Richard Louv.


Four early-morning (for me) shows in November streaming from one extreme end of the country to the other. Had 20+ schools tuned in from some of the most remote communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. I look forward to performing in person this year!

[Remy's] ability to captivate students, perform for various sized audiences, and teach people about the importance of environmental perspectives is inspirational. His songs, environmental commentary, and performance presence are memorable. You won’t be disappointed”. ”

— Mike Klassen, Principal, Rivers Collegiate, MB

This song included on the new CD as a bonus track:

Students had a blast! They were totally engaged!...I would not hesitate to invite Remy back to my school for future sessions. He'd be great at any school!”

— Lina Radziunas, VP, Holy Family Elementary, Whitehorse YT

Remy Rodden is a phenomenal environmental educator and singer-songwriter who is adept sharing his passion for the planet and inspiring young people to make a difference in their communities.... I recommend Remy to anyone looking for a different, entertaining and engaging approach to environmental education. ”

Geoff Green, Founder, Executive Director & Expedition Leader, Students On Ice

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